Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just to let it out !!!

Well, cuti ak makin nk habis.
So, sepanjang cuti ni, ak xda apa2 komen.
kebanyakannya sibuk ja..
masing2 sibuk dgn hal masing2 dh... komen laa...
Ayah plak asyik ulang alik ke Langkawi ja..
nasib baik bwk balik gula2 'Daim" tuk kiteorg...
kalo x, 'Appa.....!!!!! nk ikut jugak!!!!!!"

okey, back to the topic.
okey, firstly , i'am already thinking deeply.
ak dh matikan perasaan ak tuk seketika!!
try to learn alone,
try to live alone,
try to be more independent,
try to be more strong,
try to have any feeling about anything,
try to think positively for everything,
well, everyone is special, right?
then, try to ignore anything childish..
becoz i can't live by depends anyone anymore.
i have a responsibility to do.

to cheer my self,
try to find out any other entertainment out there.
because I'm boring to talk about man , the childish thing, the useless thing, to condemn or slander someone or anything else..
becoz we just can change them not to criticism them.

erm, then,
i think all people are special and have their own strength to be someone.
i think i love my family more than the others, ( yg ni mestilah, semua org pn sma..hahaha)
i think i mostly always follow my parents words. (thats why i'm at this place)
i think i forgot to say something to my precious friends. ( thats I love them)
i think i can't confess my feeling to someone for this time. (so sad...)
i think i can become crazy if I hide this feeling away...( thats why i want to kill what i felt)
i think i'm always thinking!!! hahahhaa..
thinking is just to make ur plan before u do it.
by thinking also will make u arrange u activities become more clear.
Am I right..??
just keep thinking about that..

p/s: sedap bebenor ak ber'speaking' deh..?? ak hentam ja ni..hehehhe..


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