Friday, March 25, 2011

A simple letter to my future husband...

To my husband-to-be,

Maybe I’m not the perfect person to you,

But I know that I can learn to be perfect to you if you wish.

Maybe I’m not a beautiful person to be your perfect couple to you,

But my father told me that I have a really sweet smile.

Maybe I’m not the best chef in the kitchen,

But as long as you live, I’m try to serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

Maybe I’m not a good motivator to you,

But I can be your good listener if you need to talk.

Maybe you don’t need your wife 24/7 everytime,

But I always be there for you as your bestfriend.

Maybe I’m not a nurse for you, because I’m teacher-to-be,

But I can be there for you when you are sick and in trouble.

Soon, maybe I’m not the best daughter-in-law to your parents,

But I really hope that they can be my best parents-in-law after this.

You don’t know how hard my parents want let me go,

But they know they need to do it soon,

Maybe you don’t know how far my father’s ego going,

But how long he can stand on his ego,

He loose his ego when I see his tears,

In his silent,

He told me,

Choose someone that can lead me in my life.

Someone that can protect me,

Someone that can trust me,

Someone that can be my best friend,

Someone that can I really know to replace his position soon,

And someone that can be my IMAM in my prays.


To my future husband,

This letter just a simple for you,

But that is something to me.

Because this letter have a part of my life.



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